Override Files
This topic includes information on the docker override files that you may need for any optional configuration. The .j2 files are Jinja templates used to inject variables from the environment into the final docker images. The dockerfile distributions include a small template processor application to handle this task.
You can perform the following override actions:
Override platform settings by mounting a platform settings snippet to ./mountFiles/custom-platform-settings.json:/@var_dirs@/THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS/platform-settings-customer-overrides.json.
Override the license from ./mountFiles/license.bin:/@var_dirs@/THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS/license.bin.
Override other configurations such as logback.xml from ./mountfiles/logback.xml:/@var_dirs@/CATALINA_HOME/conf/logback.xml.j2.
Override web app files from ./mountfile/favicon.ico:/@vars_dir@/CATALINA_HOME/webapps/Thingworx/Runtime/images/favicon.ico.
For all your changes, override the dockerfiles/platform/base/imageFiles/@var_dirs@ version of the files since these are processed and moved to the final location. For platform settings, edit the platform-settings-customer-overrides.json file since it is applied at the last.
Example Docker Syntax
You can mount files into a container by adding volumes similar to the ones listed below. It mounts two files to specific locations in the container and overwrites the previously existing files. In this case, we mount files from the directory relative to where we are starting the containers.
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