Using ThingWorx Docker
ThingWorx Docker is a set of Dockerfiles and supporting scripts to enable building Docker Images of the ThingWorx Platform. These images can then be run locally on a developer machine or in a container orchestration platform such as Kubernetes. Note that PTC does not provide support if you face issues with a Kubernetes cluster. For further guidance on running ThingWorx on Azure Kubernetes Service refer ThingWorx Container Deployment Hub and see the support FAQ.
The ThingWorx Platform Dockerfiles archive contains a build script ( and a variable file (build.env) to help simplify the image building process. These are covered in Setting Up, Building, and Configuring ThingWorx Docker.
The release also includes the dockerfiles folder, where the actual Dockerfiles and scripts for each ThingWorx Platform content provider are located. PTC provides a set of Dockerfiles and supplemental scripts to build images for the following content providers:
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure SQL
Where to Get ThingWorx Docker
You can download ThingWorx Platform Dockerfiles from the ThingWorx Platform part of the PTC Software Downloads site. The archive is available for ThingWorx versions 8.3 and later, and is listed under ThingWorx Dockerfiles.
Customized ThingWorx Docker Images
The default Dockerfiles and scripts are intended to make it easier to deploy and run the ThingWorx Platform. For some use cases, you might need to modify and customize the Dockerfiles and supporting scripts to fit your environment. In these cases, the resulting ThingWorx Images are not supported by PTC.
ThingWorx Docker in a High Availability Clustering Environment
If you are using ThingWorx Docker in a high availability (HA) setup, the following additional images must be downloaded and built before you deploy the ThingWorx Platform Docker files:
Apache Ignite
ThingWorx Connection Server
For more information about building and configuring these Docker images, see Using ThingWorx Docker in an HA Clustering Environment.
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