Building and Configuring the Apache Ignite Docker Image
Building the Ignite Docker Image
After completing the setup, you can use the build script to create the Apache Ignite Docker image. The included script takes the variables set in the build.env file and works with the files in the staging folder to make sure the Docker build command has the appropriate variables and build context available.
To build the image, run the following command:
./ all
After the build process completes, the following Docker image is available:
Configuring the Ignite Docker Image
You can use the following environment variables for the container configuration. These can be used in the example/docker-compose.yml file included in the DockerFile download or the respective TWXdockerfile>/docker-compose-DB-clustered/.env file in the Thingworx DockerFile download.
Variable Names
Docker Compose Defaults
Root logging level used by Ignite logger.
No default value set
Allow to pass additional JVM options.
No default value set
Zookeeper connection string, used for service discovery of other nodes (example: zookeeper-host:2181)
Enables the HTTPS connector on Zookeeper for secured traffic to the container. You must also provide a keystore and the SSL_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD must be set.
No default value set
Path to the Zookeeper KeyStore can be stored in certs volume. For example: /certs/zookeeper.p12
No default value set
Sets the password to the KeyStore used for SSL communication with Zookeeper.
No default value set
Path for the Zookeeper TrustStore can be stored in certs volume. For example: /certs/zookeeper-truststore.p12
No default value set
Password for the Zookeeper TrustStore.
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