ThingWorx Analytics Deployment
As a part of the ThingWorx IoT technology platform, ThingWorx Analytics provides tools for embedding advanced analytics capabilities into smart, connected solutions. These tools can help analyze and understand the data collected from connected devices. They can analyze what is happening right now and why, what might happen next, and what can be done to change the outcomes.
ThingWorx Analytics Server - The ThingWorx Analytics Server is an application that provides the analytic capabilities to understand the collected data and offer predictions.
ThingWorx Analytics Extension - The ThingWorx Analytics Extension contains a zipped archive of software, extension, and documentation files. This ZIP file must be downloaded and extracted before the extension can be imported into ThingWorx Foundation.
Deployment Considerations
ThingWorx Analytics is offered as a standalone server through a set of Docker images that contain all necessary ThingWorx Analytics Server libraries and settings. This offering provides a simple installation process, low maintenance requirements, and is easy to scale by adding CPU and memory as needed. However, this configuration cannot be scaled by adding additional servers.
ThingWorx Analytics can also be deployed in a distributed environment. This deployment model (with a minimum of six servers) provides greater capacity but is more complex to configure and maintain.
For either deployment choice, a separate PostgreSQL database should be used to avoid performance lags for both ThingWorx Foundation and ThingWorx Analytics.
Hard drive space for Analytics data should be maintained on external volumes for ease of backup and recovery as well as ease of upgrading to a new version of ThingWorx Analytics.
Once the ThingWorx Analytics server is established, the ThingWorx Analytics Extension should be deployed onto the ThingWorx Foundation server to complete the configuration.
Reference Architecture
The following diagram depicts a basic ThingWorx Analytics production deployment.
You can use any ThingWorx Foundation reference architecture in this guide for ThingWorx Analytics Server deployment.
List of Components
Number of Components
ThingWorx Foundation Server
1 (with Analytics Extension)
ThingWorx Foundation Database
ThingWorx Analytics Server
ThingWorx Analytics Database
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