Resources are services that are exposed as utilities to help in the development of ThingWorx based applications.
The following resources are provided as default system objects. Additional resources may be imported with extensions.
Refer to the ThingWorx API documentation for details on resource-specific services.
AlertFunctions— services to access and manage alerts and alert metadata configuration.
CollectionFunctions — services to manage collection permissions.
ContentLoaderFunctions — services to load or post content to and from other web applications.
CurrentSessionInfo — services to retrieve information on the currently logged in user.
DashboardFunctions — services used to manage dashboards.
DataManagementServices — access to the ThingWorx Neo4j database backup utility.
DeviceFunctions — services that provide the ability to search for Remote Things and their associated file repository.
EncryptionServices — services to encrypt/decrypt a string, such as a password, for storage.
EntityServices — services to create and delete ThingWorx model entities, such as Things, users, groups, and networks.
FileSystemFunctions — services to transfer files to and from Remote Things.
InfoTableFunctions — services to create infotables and manipulate the data contained in the tables.
RuntimeLocalizationFunctions — services to access localization content.
ScriptServices — provides syntax checking for your script services.
SearchFunctions — services to search the ThingWorx model as well as content.
SourceControlFunctions — services to manage exportation of entities as files consumable for source control systems.
SubsystemMonitoring — reports on the status of the ThingWorx subsystems.
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