ThingWorx REST API
ThingWorx REST API
REST (Representational State Transfer) is an important communication tool and provides much of the communication goodness that Web Services are used for, but without many of the complexities. As a result, REST is much easier to work with and can be used by any client that is capable of making an HTTP request. The potential clients that may interact and integrate with ThingWorx is vast.
The examples in this topic assume that you are familiar with executing HTTP POSTS in your web development environment or application.
REST API Security
PTC strongly recommends that customers carefully review and manage the permissions associated with the REST API functionality to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to use it.
URL Pattern
Based on the terms provided above, the following URL pattern is used when communicating with ThingWorx:
<http/https:><host:port>/Thingworx/<entity collection>/<entity>/<characteristic collection>/<characteristic>?<query parameters>
Anything enclosed in < > is information you may need to provide. Some user-supplied information in the example above is required, while some is optional. The information that is required depends on the type of request being made.
The following API call executes the service GetBlogEntriesWithComments that is associated with the Thing called ThingWorxTrainingMaintenanceBlog.
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