Using ODataConnector or SAPODataConnector
The ODataConnector and SAPOData Connector provide endpoints for entity sets, functions, and actions from the OData spec. All four versions of OData are supported. See the URL Conventions available OData documentation for detailed information:
Endpoint Conventions
When you create a service, endpoints show only if they are referenced in the entity set.
The following conventions were used for the display of OData endpoints:
GET — get request
CREATE — post request
NAVIGATE — request for navigation properties. In earlier versions of OData, the relationship of the navigation property is referred to as an association.
Action/verb — function on the entities
For endpoints that return a specific entity or are executed on the context of a specific entity (bound function/action or navigate), parameters will be generated based on the key attributes of that entity (as specified in the OData spec).
The OData spec supports system query options and these parameters are generated for applicable endpoints. For any get request endpoints, the $select parameter will be generated and the $expand parameter will also be generated if the response entity contains in-line navigation attributes. For GET request endpoints where the response is an entity set, the $filter, $top, and $skip parameters are generated. For more information on the behavior of these parameters, see OData Version 4.0. Part 2: URL Conventions, Query Options.
SAP Specifics
Note the following about the SAPODataConnector:
For the SAPODataConnector to retrieve endpoints, SAP NetWeaver must be configured with your SAP instance.
The SAPODataConnector looks up services in the SAP catalog. If a service is invalid or inactive, the exception is logged in the Application Log. For more information, see Logs.
The SAP connector supports looking up services in the SAP catalog. Some of these services may not be valid or active. In the IntegrationRuntime, this causes an HTTP 500 exception when requesting the $metadata URL. These exceptions are logged in the IR and ignored. The GetEndpointList() call should also log a message for each service that is not valid or active, so that this information is accessible from the ThingWorx server. The logs should show in the Application Log in Composer.
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