Referencing Dynamic Tags
Dynamic tag addressing is a method of defining tags only in the client application. Instead of creating a tag item in the client that addresses another tag item created in the server, users create tag items in the client that directly accesses the device driver's addresses. On client connect, the server creates a virtual tag for that location and starts scanning for data automatically. These instructions describe how to use Composer to reference dynamic tags within a connected ThingWorx Kepware Server industrial gateway.
The steps below presume a connection is already established, as shown in Industrial Connections Example.
1. Create a new Remote Thing and assign it an Implemented Shape of IndustrialThingShape.
2. Click the green Save button to preserve the new thing.
3. In the new Remote Thing’s properties, assign the Industrial Thing property a value that is the name of the Industrial Gateway to associate the new Remote Thing with the Kepware industrial gateway to reference tags from the connected server.
4. After selecting the Industrial Thing in the menu pane on the right, enable the checkbox in the upper right of the menu pane for the property to be associated.
5. Click the green Save button.
6. Once the new industrial gateway is added, create a new Remote Thing and assign it an Implemented Shape of the IndustrialThingShape.
7. Add a new property to the Remote Thing and assign its binding as Remotely Bound.
8. Click the Add button under the Tag Address field to begin associating the property with the dynamic tag address from the server.
9. In the Choose Tags dialog box, choose Dynamic Tag and enter the dynamic tag address.
10. Click Done.
11. Enable the checkbox in the upper right of the New Property menu to finish the property addition.
12. Click the green Save button to commit the changes to the Remote Thing.
13. Click the Refresh button to verify the new incoming values from the dynamic tag.
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