Creating a Value Stream
To create a value stream in ThingWorx, do the following:
1. From Composer, browse to Data Storage > Value Streams, and then click the New button.
2. Select a value stream template from the following options, and then click OK:
RemoteValueStream (for a Federation scenario)
3. Configure the settings of the value stream according to the persistence provider that you select.
4. Click Save.
Configuring a Value Stream with Thing Properties
To configure a value stream with Thing properties, do the following:
1. Browse and open a Thing or create a new Thing.
2. In the Value Stream field, click the icon to view the Advanced Search options.
You can click to view recent searches or click to view all available options.
3. Select a value stream.
4. In the Properties and Alerts area, select a property or add a new property.
5. In the Properties panel, enter appropriate details, and then select the Logged check box .
This indicates that the property value is automatically logged to the value stream whenever the property value changes (based on the Data Change Type selected later).
Things that are configured to use a value stream with INFOTABLE, JSON, XML or BLOB base types that contain a large number of rows result in performance issues. Recommended alternatives include:
Using a stream
Breaking out different base types in the Data Shape. For example, keep all properties from an INFOTABLE base type in the same Data Shape.
6. Click Advanced Settings, and then select the appropriate option from the Data Change Type drop-down list.
The Data Change Type determines the frequency that data is logged to the value stream.
7. Click to save your changes.
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