Configuring ThingWorx for MSSQL
Refer to ThingWorx Installation Overview for Java and Tomcat installation and configuration information.
The following sections outline the MSSQL specific configuration instructions that need to be performed in addition to the steps for installing the ThingWorx platform.
Installing the MS SQL JDBC Driver
2. Copy the JDBC JAR file to the lib directory of the Tomcat installation: (<TOMCAT_HOME>/lib).
3. Restart the Tomcat server to load the JDBC driver to make it available for ThingWorx.
MSSQL Server Configuration Options in ThingWorx
The platform-settings.json file is available in the ThingWorx software download package for administrators to adjust settings for fine-tuning.
1. Create a folder called ThingworxPlatform at the root (for example, \ThingworxPlatform or as a system variable (for example, THINGWORX_PLATFORM_SETTINGS=/data/ThingworxPlatform).
2. Place the platform-settings.json file into the ThingworxPlatform folder.
3. Configure as necessary. Refer to the configuration options described in platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
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