Persistence Provider Services
The following services are available for Persistence Providers in ThingWorx.
This service enables or disables the database connection tracking functionality, where the database connection consuming stack traces are logged. Enabling tracking allows to capture the stack traces of a database connection consuming threads.
When the service reaches the configured connection pool size, then it automatically starts logging the stack trace in the error log 5 times with a frequency of every 10 seconds for the connections which are active for more than 1000 milliseconds.
The cooling period for this service is 1 hour.
This service logs the stack traces of a database connection consuming threads. This service is called explicitly when stack traces are needed in the error log.
If SetDatabaseConnectionTracking is disabled, the service will not log the stack traces in the error log file.
If SetDatabaseConnectionTracking is enabled and LogDatabaseConnectionStacktraces service is called, stack traces will be logged in the error log.
This service returns the current configuration of database connection tracking functionality as follows:
This service returns if SetDatabaseConnectionTracking is enabled or disabled.
This service also returns current values of Database connection tracking configuration.
Threshold Database Connection Pool Saturation to trigger Stack Traces (in Percent)
Count of Set of Stack Traces logged once triggered
Interval at which the Stack Traces will be logged (in Seconds)
Minimum elapsed time before Stack Trace logging triggers again (in Minutes)
Duration the connection is held for Stack Traces to be logged (in milliseconds)
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