Downloading and Installing Influx DB 2.x
It is responsibility of whomever installs Influx database to read and understand all security related documentation provided for InfluxDB. PTC strongly recommends installing and configuring InfluxDB using secure configurations including the use of a username and strong password.
This process assumes ThingWorx is installed. See Installing ThingWorx.
If InfluxDB and ThingWorx are on machines with different timezones, there may be issues with fetching data. To avoid these issues, either of the following deployment options are recommended:
Deploy InfluxDB and ThingWorx on the same host/machine.
If InfluxDB and ThingWorx are deployed on different hosts/machines, the InfluxDB server timezone should be aligned with the -Duser.timezone Tomcat parameter with clocks synced to avoid issues related to query results.
1. Download and install Influx DB.
InfluxDB Open Source (single node): Reference Using InfluxDB as the Persistence Provider Download links-Data node:
InfluxDB Enterprise (high availability): Not available for Influx 2.0.
2. Create initial bucket and user using the command: influx setup. For more information, see
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