As part of the ThingWorx IoT technology platform, ThingWorx Analytics provides tools to embed advanced analytics insights into your smart, connected solutions and to apply supervised machine learning to your data. For information about specific ThingWorx Analytics functionality, see the related links.
Related Links
Analytics Builder – Interact with your ThingWorx Analytics data via an intuitive user interface. Analytics Builder extends ThingWorx functionality with access to analytic capabilities, including predictive model building, predictive scoring, prescriptive scoring, and data analysis. The interface also supports loading data and metadata, creating datasets, and filtering data.
Analytics Manager – Deploy and execute computational models from external applications based on events and data from ThingWorx-connected devices. Analytics Manager extends ThingWorx functionality so that you can manage analysis providers, analysis models, analysis jobs, and analysis events.
Descriptive Analytics – Use the on-demand services of the StatisticalCalculation and StatisticalMonitoring microservers to perform common statistical calculations on raw data or monitor statistical trends in streaming data. Output from these services can be added to an IoT solution to help visualize the data, create alerts based on logged property values, or generate transformed data for machine learning processes.
Property Transform – Use the computational services of this microserver to derive value from streaming data entering ThingWorx. These services can be used to automate simple data transformations, prepare incoming data for use in predictive analytics, and to generate alerts when a streaming signal behaves in a specified way.
Anomaly Detection – Observe the data signal from a device, learn what the expected data stream looks like, and monitor for data sequences that are unexpected and could indicate the device is in an anomalous state. Configure an alert to send notifications when an anomaly occurs.
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