Eclipse Plugin for ThingWorx Extensions Release Notes
Added the following enhancements and bug fixes in the Eclipse Plugin. Updated the known issues.
9.1.x and later
Added support for SWTBot test suite to run on Mac.
Added haCompatible flag to project properties.
For more information regarding haCompatible, see Best Practices for Packaging and Deploying ThingWorx Solutions.
Known Issues
Related JIRA
When you create an extension using Java 11 JRE, Eclipse Plugin offers to create a module-info file. ThingWorx does not support Java 11 modules. So creating the module-info causes the extension import to fail.
The extension developers should decline creating module-info file and the resulting extension should work as expected.
Added support for four new Base Types: THINGCODE, VEC2, VEC3, and VEC4. These are now available when adding properties, services, and configuration tables to Java-based entities.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Fixed an issue where ThingWorx Extension menu actions were being shown outside of the ThingWorx perspective.
Added format validation to default values of service parameters to prevent errors on import.
When adding a service with an InfoTable output parameter on the Add Service wizard, you can now specify the Data Shape and InfoTable Type options.
Fixed the import action to prevent re-importing an extension project that was deleted from the workspace without deleting the project contents from disk.
The New Widget wizard will now automatically open the *.ide.js file.
Fixed an issue with the New Authenticator and New Directory Service wizards: if you chose the Finish button without continuing to the second step in the wizard, the entities were not marked as editable extension objects.
Fixed an issue in which deleting a Directory Service resulted in an error and the metadata.xml file was not updated correctly.
Added support for deleting entities so the metadata.xml file is updated accordingly. When you select a file and choose the delete action, a confirmation dialog appears where you can preview the changes that will occur when deleting the file.
Added the ThingWorx Source > Add Event action for generating event annotations on entities
Added the ThingWorx Source > Add Subscription action for generating subscription annotations on entities
Added the capability to import entity XML files that were exported from ThingWorx Composer
Added an option on the New > ThingWorx Project and Import ThingWorx Project wizards so you can choose Gradle or Ant to build the extension. Note that for Gradle, only the Gradle STS plugin is currently supported.
Added the New > Extension Migrator action to generate a migrator Java file and update the metadata.xml file accordingly. You can use migrators to update old versions of entities when you import them into a system with the new version of the extension.
Enhanced the New > Template wizard to specify the base template and implemented shapes
Removed the New > Subsystem action since creating custom subsystems is a deprecated practice
Added a new action for entity XML files to mark them as editable extension objects
The ThingWorx Extension perspective defaults after importing an existing extension zip file.
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
In the context of a ThingWorx project, the + toolbar action now launches the New Thing Template wizard instead of the New File wizard.
Fixed the New ThingWorx Project wizard to handle names with special characters
Fixed an issue where Plugin icons would not load on Mac OS X
Fixed an issue where wizard titles, such as Add Service, were not being displayed
Launching a new entity wizard without a project no longer causes an error. It now behaves like the New Class wizard in that scenario.
When cancelling the New Project wizard, the project is now cleaned up.
Removed an incorrect label on the New Jar Resource wizard that referred to selecting a zip file
Fixed an issue on the New Widget wizard where the project list was not rendered correctly in some cases
Fixed the Add Property action to add isLogged and isPersistent aspects to the annotation
Updated the Add Service wizard to set the Async aspect
Enhanced the New Authenticator wizard so you can specify the location of the Tomcat deployment to reference the Java Servlet JAR
Fixed an issue where ThingWorx toolbar actions would not work if the focus is in the Java editor
Fixed an issue when importing an existing extension zip file that has an empty className for a thing shape
Hide such actions as Add Service from the right-click menu when clicking on an entity XML file
Fixed the extension build failure due to a classpath error on Linux machines
Authenticator and directory service entities are marked as editable extension objects and are disabled by default.
Added validation to prevent the creation of properties, services, and so on with the same name as an existing property or service on the entity
Enhanced the validation of property default values on the new property wizard
Fixed an issue where the data shape name was not being added to the entity when creating an INFOTABLE property
Added the Configuration Table Wizard for code generation
SDK Javadocs are now automatically linked to SDK resources on project creation
When creating a service, trace logging statements are generated inside (along with appropriate initializers)
ThingWorx source actions are now available from the right-click menu within a .java file
Bug Fixes
Related JIRA
Fixed inconsistent formatting in the metadata.xml file when adding new entities
Fixed a problem where some base types are not uppercase in annotations when generating code
Fixed error when creating and importing extension projects and the Eclipse install has a space in the file path
Initial release
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