Path B: Packaging and Deploying Solutions as Extensions
What is an Extension?
An extension is a collection of entities, resources, and widgets that are used to extend the functionality of the ThingWorx Platform. This collection is packaged as a ZIP file that can be imported to any ThingWorx Platform. It is used to add new functionality.
Entities are created using the ThingWorx Composer. You can create widgets, resources, and Java code using external tools such as Eclipse.
You can use extensions as building blocks for delivering new services or solutions for the ThingWorx Platform. You can deliver these building block extensions individually, or you can zip them together for an easy deployment.
Why Build an Extension?
Some reasons to build an extension include:
Your solution includes multiple entities that are functionally interdependent.
Your solution depends on a Java library that is not accessible within the ThingWorx Platform.
You want to hide your source code from those who use the extension.
You want to use a custom widget that does not exist on the ThingWorx Platform.
You want a global service that is not associated with an entity resource.
Your organization wants to use a custom directory service or user authorization scheme.
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