Importing Composer-Created Entities
1. Choose File > Import.
2. On the Import screen, choose ThingWorx > Entities and click Next.
3. Browse to the folder that contains the entity folders that were exported from Composer (for example, ThingworxStorage/repository/<RepositoryName>/<EntitiesFolder>).
4. If necessary, select or deselect individual XML files to be imported.
5. Select the project into which you want to import and click Finish.
The selected XML files are imported under the /Entities folder in the extension project.
When exporting entities from Composer, you should tag all entities created for the extension and then export them using the Export Source Control Entities action. In the Export Source Control Entities window, specify the tag and a file repository and enter /Entities as the path. You can select the resulting ThingworxStorage/repository/<RepositoryName>/Entities folder in the Import wizard in Eclipse.
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