Deleting Entities and Widgets
1. In the Package Explorer, select the source file to be deleted and press Delete or right-click and select Delete from the menu.
The delete confirmation window appears.
2. To see what changes will occur, click Preview, or click OK to delete the file.
The file is deleted from the project and the metadata.xml file is updated.
When you delete one of the widget files generated by the plugin, the widget folder and its contents are deleted. To keep a file that was manually added to the widget folder, use the Preview option to deselect the files and folders so they are not deleted.
The XML definitions in the metadata.xml file must be in sync with the contents of the extension. If there is an entry in metadata.xml file that is missing a corresponding entity source file, the extension will not import correctly. Therefore, do not deselect the Remove XML definition from project’s metadata.xml option in the Preview window.
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