Creating an Extension Project
To get started using the Eclipse Plugin for ThingWorx Extension Development, do the following:
1. In Eclipse, choose File > New > Project....
2. In the New Project screen, expand the ThingWorx menu, select ThingWorx Extension Project, and click Next.
3. Enter a project name and browse to and select the latest ThingWorx-Extension-SDK-[version] file.
4. Select Gradle or Ant as the build framework for the extension.
To use Gradle to build the extension, the Gradle STS plugin must be installed in Eclipse. Only the Gradle STS plugin is currently supported.
A build file corresponding to the selected framework is created. For more information, see Building Extensions.
5. You can enter a vendor name, update the package version, and then click Finish.
The project appears in the Package Explorer, and you are now working in the ThingWorx Extension perspective.
6. To view and edit the properties for your project, right-click your project folder in the Package Explorer and choose Properties.
On the Properties screen under the ThingWorx Extension menu, you can enter a list of extensions on which your extension depends and their versions in the Depends On Extensions field. For example, abc-extension:2.1.0,xyz-extension:1.5.4.
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