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Downloading and Installing the ThingWorx EMS and LSR
The ThingWorx EMS is available from PTC and is distributed as a .zip file.
To install the package, follow these steps:
1. The distribution bundle for EMS is available through the PTC Support site, Order or Download Software Updates page, at If you are not already logged in, you are prompted to log in before access to this page is granted.
2. On the Order or Download Software Updates page, click the link appropriate to your situation:
Download Software by Sales Order Number — if you are downloading for the first time and have your Sales Order Number (SON).
Order or Download Software Updates — if you have a support agreement with PTC that allows software downloads.
3. Either way, on the Customer Search page, enter your Customer Name and Customer Number and click Next.
4. If you chose to download by SON, enter your SON in the page that appears, and click Submit. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
5. On the PTC Software Download page, select the product family, THINGWORX EDGE MICROSERVERS.
6. Click the plus sign to expand the latest major release, which is at the top of the list (for example, 5.4).
7. Expand ThingWorx Edge MicroServers.
8. Expand Most Recent Version.
9. Choose and download the distribution bundle that is correct for the operating system and platform that you want to use.
The distribution bundles provide only versions of OpenSSL 1.1.1. As of EMS v.5.4.10, the specific version is 1.1.1.j. To learn the specific version of OpenSSL for the other releases, refer to .
10. After downloading the distribution bundle, select a location for extracting it.
11. Unzip the distribution archive.
12. At this point, you can perform the following:
Verify the contents — Refer to ThingWorx EMS and LSR Distribution Contents.
View the libraries for Linux — Refer to Libraries for EMS on Linux .
Configure the EMS — Refer to Configuring the EMS.
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