Step 9. Validating the Installation
To verify that the setup of all components of the ThingWorx Azure Industrial IoT OPC UA integration have been successful, check that you can perform the actions listed in the following table. The table provides notes to help set your expectations and confirm that the action is successful. Most of these actions can be confirmed by performing the procedures in the topics, Step 7. Using ThingWorx OPC UA Mashups to Configure Your OPC UA Applications and Endpoints and Industrial Connections.
Validation Checks
User Action to Test
User can configure the Azure IoT Hub Connector to discover OPC UA endpoints available to its provisioned instance of Azure Industrial IoT and the Azure IoT Hub.
Log in as a non-administrative user and verify that the procedures in the topic , Industrial Connections, can be performed successfully.
Discovered OP UA endpoints are available in ThingWorx as Industrial Gateway for the user to persist if desired.
Persisted Industrial Gateways will remain until deleted by the user, indicating a lack of connectivity as required. When the endpoint is disconnected and the connection to the Azure IoT Hub is connected, the endpoints still show as connected in ThingWorx Composer. If the endpoints are not connected when the Connector starts up, the endpoints will show as disconnected.
As new UA endpoints connect, they become available as Industrial Gateways. This does not usually happen automatically but does happen when you execute the FetchUAEndpoints service on the AzureIotHubTemplate Thing.
User can browse persisted Industrial Gateways through the Discover interface.
Nodes are presented as groups and items. This assumes that items and tags are synonymous.
User can map browsed items to new or existing Industrial Things.
Check also that property mappings can be updated and deleted.
Mapped properties publish at the defined scan rate.
The change of the scan rate is reflected in the sampling rate on the endpoint, but the publish rate does not change.
The publish rate to the Azure IoT Hub and ThingWorx will update if the scan rate is changed. Items will stop publishing to the Azure IoT Hub and ThingWorx if the mapping is deleted.
Thing Presence is indicated based on availability of the associated UA endpoint.
To verify Thing Presence, run the Evaluate Reporting service. The isReporting property of a Thing indicates whether a Thing is connected.