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Error: Cannot find function GrantConnectorPermissions
On Connector startup, the GrantAzureConnectorPermissions script failed with this message:

Cannot find function GrantConnectorPermissions
in object com.thingworx.extensions.cse.ConnectionServicesHubTemplate
Causes and Solutions
The following table provides possible causes and solutions for this error:
Possible Causes
The Connection Services Extension (CSE) version is older than 1.5.5. You must use the 1.5.5 version (or later) of the CSE with the Azure IoT Hub Connector.
Update the Connection Services Extension to version 1.5.5 or later.
For details about the required permissions and entity visibility for the Connector, refer to Step 9. Run the Service to Grant Permissions and Visibility to the Connector.
Errors Caused by Lack of Permissions
Once you have successfully run the permissions and visibility service, the following errors, which are caused by the lack of proper permissions and visibility for the Connector should not occur: