Troubleshooting > Errors on Connector Startup > Error: Invalid service name: GetConfiguration
Error: Invalid service name: GetConfiguration
The following error message appears in the Connector log:

Unable to dispatch [ uri = /Things/[THINGNAME]
Invalid service name: GetConfiguration
Causes and Solutions
The following table suggests possible causes and solutions:
Possible Causes
Since the AzureIotHub Thing does not extend the AzureIotHubTemplate, the Connector cannot get the Azure IoT Hub configuration that it needs to connect to the Azure IoT Hub.
From ThingWorx Composer, check the AzureIotHub Thing with the specified [THINGNAME]. Make sure that the Base Thing Template is set to AzureIotHubTemplate. If necessary, re-create the hub Thing and select the correct base template.
The Connector loads and caches all configuration settings during startup. Any changes that you make to the configuration when troubleshooting are ignored until the Connector is restarted.