GASRemoteAccessible Thing Shape
The GASRemoteAccessible Thing Shape provides the GAS-specific properties and services to Things that are accessible by GAS Remote Sessions.
The RemoteAccessible Thing Shape provides all of the properties, events, and services needed for remote sessions with Axeda Agents as well as those using the ThingWorx TunnelSubsystem.
endpoints Property
This Thing Shape defines the endpoints property as an INFOTABLE that contains a list of remote interfaces supported by the Thing. When an Axeda Gateway or Connector Agent registers with the eMessage Connector, it sends its configuration for remote sessions. For eMessage Agents, this configuration is the remote interfaces defined in the Agent xgRcon.xml or ERcon.xml configuration file, which is generated by Axeda Builder based on settings in the Remote Sessions Settings dialog boxes.
This Thing Shape provides the following services:
Service Name
Enqueues the connect-to-remote-session egress message to send to the agent.
REQUIRED: session parameter, which is of base type INFOTABLE and implements the RemoteSession Data Shape.
Tells the platform to initiate a remote session with the Edge Agent.
The result of this service is a Boolean that indicates whether the service was successful in initiating the session.
REQUIRED. params, of base type JSON and contains the parameters for the remote session to be started.
Terminates the session associated with the provided session identifier.
The result of this service is a Boolean that indicates whether the session was successfully terminated.
REQUIRED. sessionId, which is he unique identifier (ID) of the session that is to be terminated. The base type of this parameter is GUID.
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