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ThingWorx Analytics Windows Installation
Prerequisites – Windows Installation
Components in both the Analytics Server and the Platform Analytics installations require specific access and specific software. See the appropriate sections below to view the requirements for installing in a Windows environment.
System requirements, including operating systems, web browsers, and third-party software, are stored in the PTC Release Advisor. For more information, see Using Release Advisor.
For information about hardware requirements, see Hardware Requirements.
Administrator Access 
All installation and troubleshooting procedures must be run with Administrator permissions. To launch the installer file, or shortcut options from the Start menu, right click and select the Run As Administrator option. To execute procedures from a command line, launch the Command Prompt window in Administrator mode.
ThingWorx Server 
Make sure that a compatible version of the ThingWorx server is installed and running, preferably on a separate computer, before installing Analytics components.
If you plan to access ThingWorx Analytics from a FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML pipeline, installation of the ThingWorx server is optional. Additionally PTC does not support the DataFlowML integration for any version of ThingWorx Analytics.
Before beginning installation of Analytics components, log into ThingWorx Composer, as an Administrator, (the front end user interface for ThingWorx) and create an Application Key. For information about this process, see Application Keys in the ThingWorx Help Center.
The Application Key you provide during installation of Analytics components must be a key assigned to a user with Administrator privileges. After installation, the Application Key can be reassigned to a non-administrator user who has the appropriate permissions. See ThingWorx Application Key Permission Levels.
The same key can be used for both Analytics Server and Platform Analytics.
If you are installing the Analytics Server and you plan to include installation of the Analytics Extension, a set of Extension import permissions must be enabled in the platform-settings.json file. These permissions might already have been enabled during ThingWorx installation and configuration. However, without the following minimum parameters, the Analytics Server installation will not be able to import Analytics Extension into ThingWorx:

"PlatformSettingsConfig": {
"ExtensionPackageImportPolicy": {
"importEnabled": true,
"allowEntities": true,
"allowExtensibleEntities": true,
"allowJarResources": true,
"allowJavascriptResources": true,
"allowCSSResources": true
For information about configuring parameters in the platform-settings.json file, see Configure the platform-settings.json File or platform-setting.json Configuration Details in the ThingWorx Help Center.
ThingWorx Application Key Permissions Levels
A ThingWorx Application Key must be provided during the ThingWorx Analytics installation. This Application Key must be created in ThingWorx Composer before you start the ThingWorx Analytics installation. In addition, that Application Key must be created by a user with Administrative permissions in ThingWorx.
However, after the ThingWorx Analytics installation is complete, you can enable permissions so that the Application Key used for running ThingWorx Analytics components can be reassigned to a non-administrator user. To enable these permissions for a non-administrator user, follow the steps below to add the user to the necessary User Groups and reassign the Application Key:
1. Log into ThingWorx Composer as an Administrator.
2. If the non-administrator user has not been created yet, navigate to SECURITY > Users and create the non-administrator user.
3. Navigate to SECURITY > User Groups and add the user to the following User Groups:
4. Navigate to SECURITY > Application Keys and open the key you want to reassign to the non-administrator user.
5. In the User Name Reference field, select the non-administrator user and Save the reassigned Application Key.
Required Versions
ThingWorx Analytics requires the following versions of Java:
ThingWorx Analytics Release
Java Version
9.2 and later
Java 11 – Oracle or Open JDK (Amazon Corretto)
Java 8 – Oracle or Open JDK (8u141 64-bit)
Java 11 – Oracles or Open JDK (Amazon Corretto)
Java 8 – Oracle or Open JDK (8u141 64-bit)
The installer must have administrative permissions (use the Run as Administrator option).
Environment Variable Configuration
To ensure that Java is set up correctly, follow the steps below to configure both the JAVA_HOME and Path environment variables:
1. Find and note the location of your Java bin directory. It’s most likely in a path similar to the following:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk_<version number>
2. From the Windows start menu, navigate to Advanced System Properties. Your path to these properties will vary based on your version of Windows. For example: Computer > System properties > Advanced system settings.
3. Click Environment Variables. An Environment Variables dialog box opens.
4. Scroll through the System variables to make sure that the JAVA_HOME variable appears in the list.
The JAVA_HOME variable must be set in the System variables list, rather than the User variables list.
Java Home variable
5. Make sure the Value column shows the path you noted above.
6. If the Java variable is not listed, click New to create a new variable.
7. In the new variable dialog box, enter the following:
Variable Name – Enter JAVA_HOME.
Variable Value – Enter the path to your JDK installation (from step 1).
8. Click OK. The new Java variable is created and the Environment Variables dialog box is redisplayed.
9. In the System variables list, double click the Path variable to open an edit dialog box. Make sure the specific file path to your java.exe location is included in the list of paths. Click OK until all dialog boxes are closed.
Path variable
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