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Output pin (project) (UPDM - DoDAF aliases)
An Output Pin (Project) is a proprietary element that represents a Parameter (Project).
To create an Output Pin (Project):
From a PV-2 Project Activity Model: click the Output Pin toolbar button, and then click the edge of the owning Activity Action (Project). From the context menu, point to New Pin, and then click the required command:
Click New Parameter to create a new Parameter (Project) and a new Output Pin (Project) to represent that Parameter (Project).
Click the command for a Parameter (Project) to create a new Output Pin (Project) for that Parameter (Project).
The name of an Output Pin (Project) is set to that of the Parameter (Project) it represents.
On creation of an Activity Action (Project), Modeler creates an Output Pin (Project) to represent each Parameter (Project) (Mechanism of Out or InOut) of the Activity (Project) that is used as the type of the Activity Action (Project).
Note that after creating an Activity Action (Project), Output Pin (Project) elements are not automatically created for new Parameter (Project) elements that are created on the associated Activity (Project).
When shown on a PV-2 Project Activity Model, an Output Pin (Project) appears as follows:
The following relationships are of importance to an Output Pin (Project):
On the Items tab of an Output Pin (Project) element's property pages, you can view and navigate to the Parameter (Project) that is represented by the Output Pin (Project) through the Linked Item association.
The following sections provide information about how an Output Pin (Project) is used in the model.
Create an Output Pin (Project) from
PV-2 Project Activity Model
Create from an Output Pin (Project)
Only the UPDM elements that can be created from all UPDM elements ( Representation, Definition, Information, and Metadata).
Shown on these diagrams
PV-2 Project Activity Model
UPDM properties
The following writeable properties are available on the Output Pin (Project) tab of an Output Pin (Project) element's Property Pages: