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Overview of UAF support (uaf)
The Unified Architecture Framework is an Object Management Group (OMG) modeling standard.
The Modeler Help for using the UAF Profiles assumes that you have a good working knowledge of Modeler and UAF.
Compliance level
The Modeler UAF Profiles comply with the UAF Compliance Level, which means that the UAF Profiles extend both the SysML and UML profiles.
Requirements for adding and using a UAF profile
To add the UAF Profile to a model you require a Modeler license and a UAF Profile license. You also require Database Write access permissions to the Model's Database.
To use the UAF Profile you require a Modeler license and a UAF Profile license.
Some of the UAF Products require Microsoft Excel. The UAF Profiles uses Microsoft Excel to create and view tabular and matrix based products.
By default, Modeler generates UAF products that are tables and matrices as HTML for viewing in your internet browser. However, you can set up a model so that UAF tables and matrices are generated as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for viewing in Microsoft Excel. If you want to view tables and matrices in Microsoft Excel, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. For information about which versions of Microsoft Excel are supported, see the Modeler Release Notes.
When you add a UAF Profile to a model, the SysML Profile and UML Profiles are automatically added to that model.
Add a UAF profile to a model through the Add Profile command on the Tools menu.
Copying and merging the UAF profiles
Do not make changes to a UAF profile. Any changes you make will be lost when the profile is updated.
Note that you can create Tag Definitions outside of a UAF profile, and link those Tag Definitions to Stereotypes in a UAF profile. When the UAF Profile is updated, the links will not be broken.
Do not create copies of the UAF Profile within a model, or create copies of the UAF Profile through XMI Import/Export. The copies of the UAF Profile will not work correctly and you will not be able to update the copies through the Update All Profiles command.
Getting the most out of the help
To get the most out of the UAF Profiles, read the introductory topics in the UAF section of the Modeler Help.