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Using the diagrams reference topics
The diagrams reference section of this Help includes a topic for each Diagram type. Each diagram reference topic starts with the following information:
The diagram type's symbol, as it appears in a Modeler pane.
A description of the diagram type.
Instructions for creating a diagram of that type.
Each diagram reference topic then provides information about how that diagram type is used in the model, including links to related reference topics:
Shows these dictionary items - lists the dictionary item types that can appear on the diagram type.
Properties - lists the properties of the diagram type.
Owned by - lists item types that can own the diagram type. If a diagram type is owned by the Model or a Package, it can exist independently of other items.
Used in these parts of the model - lists parts of the model in which the diagram type is used.
Can be linked to these dictionary items - lists items to which the diagram can be linked.