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Hidden (property of tag definition)
For automation interface information about the Visible property (Tag User Visible through the automation interface), see the automation interface topic for a Tag Definition in the Related Topics.
This property specifies that a Tag Definition is hidden when applied to a model item through a Stereotype. Some Add-ins make use of hidden Tag Definitions.
By default, the Hidden check box is cleared.
This property is set on the Usage tab of a Tag Definition's Property Pages.
For more information, see Overview of Extensibility Through Profiles, Stereotypes, Tag Definitions and Scripts.
Tip: You can use the Hidden property to hide a Tag Definition that is inherited by a Stereotype and is not required, but do so only after creating a redefinition of the Tag Definition (see Hiding Inherited Tag Definitions and Scripts).
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Hidden is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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