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Default (property of attribute, parameter and role)
For automation interface information about the Default property (Default Value through the automation interface), see the automation interface topic for the owning item type in the Related Topics.
This property specifies a default value for an Attribute, Parameter or Role. For Attributes and Parameters, ensure that you enter a value that complies with the underlying data type.
By default, the Default box is blank.
This property is set:
Attributes — on the Data Type tab of the Attribute's Property Pages.
Parameters — on the Options tab of the Parameter's Property Pages.
Roles — on the Options tab of the Role's Property Pages.
You can also set the Default property of an Attribute or Parameter through its signature. For more information, see Related Links.
If an Event's or Operation's signature is greater than 200,000 characters, the Parameters' Default values are not included in the signature.
The following section provides information about the items and diagrams for which Default is a property. For more information about an item or diagram, click it.
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