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Active (property of change note)
For automation interface information about the Active property (Active Change Note association for a Project through the automation interface), see the automation interface topic for a Project in the Related Topics.
This property specifies whether a Change Note is active in the model. The Active property is stored in the registry of each user's computer so that each user of a model can have a different active Change Note.
You can see which Change Note is active through the Change Tracking Toolbar - the active Change Note is selected in the drop-down list.
By default, no Change Note is active. After you make a Change Note active, that Change Note will remain active until you make a different Change Note active or make no Change Notes active. You make no Change Notes active by selecting None in the drop-down list on the Change Tracking Toolbar.
You can make a Change Note active by right-clicking the Change Note, and then clicking Set Active. Alternatively, you can make a Change Note active through the Change Tracking Toolbar.
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