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Object interaction model
Object Interaction Modeling demonstrates the dynamic behavior that occurs between objects by integrating the static Class Model with Use Cases.
For information about Object Interaction Modeling in Modeler, see Object interaction modeling.
You can view the Object Interaction Model part of a model through the Object Interaction Model folder in the Relationships pane.
The following sections provide information about the item and diagram types that are used in the Object Interaction Model. For more information about a diagram or item, click it.
Uses these diagrams
Communication Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Defines or uses these dictionary items
Attribute (of instance)
Attribute (as Part or Port instance)
Class (as type of Instance)
Data Type(as type of Instance)
Event (instance of)
Interface (as type of Instance)
Interface Device
Operation (instance of)
Parameter (of Event or Operation instance)
Role (as Part or Port instance)
Signal (as type of Instance)
Timing Constraint
Use Case (instance of as a Probe)
Note that this icon indicates that the item can appear on Communication Diagrams, and this icon indicates that the item can appear on Sequence Diagrams.