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Symbol style (dictionary item)
For automation interface information about a Symbol Style, see Symbol style (automation interface).
A Symbol Style is used to define the default presentation of item types when displayed on diagrams.
For example, if by default you wanted Classes to appear pink on diagrams, you would create a Symbol Style, specify a background color of pink, and then specify that the symbol style applied to the Class model item type.
A Symbol Style can define the following symbol features:
Color (background, line and fill)
Font (Name, Color, Size and Effects for Symbols, RTF Text and Token Text)
Node style (line width, presentation and shadowing)
Flow style (line width, presentation and shadowing)
To create a Symbol Style: right-click the Model or a Package, point to New, point to UML, point to Profiles, and then click Symbol Style.
To specify the symbol features that are defined by the Symbol Style: open the Symbols Style's Property Pages, click the Style tab, click Edit, and then from the Style Modification dialog set up the symbol features as required.
To specify the item types to which a Symbol Style applies: open the Symbol Style's Property Pages, click the Items tab, from the Show Associated list select Model Item Types, click the Link button, and then select the required model item types:
If you select the Model as a type, the Symbol Style will apply to all item types.
If you select non-model item types, the Symbol Style will apply to those items types.
If more than one Symbol Style is applied to the same model item type, the Symbol Style that has the highest Priority setting is used. The Priority setting is set on the Style tab of a Symbol Style's Property Pages.
Note that when you define symbol features for an item through a Symbol Style, the feature definitions will appear on diagrams only if they are not overridden through the symbol on a diagram. For more information, see Overview of customizing symbols.
The following sections provide information about how a Symbol Style is used in the model. For more information about a property, item, model part or diagram, click it.
In addition to the standard properties, a Synchronizer has these properties:
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A Symbol Style is not used in the model as such, it is used only for customizing the presentation of symbols on diagrams.
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