Model, Component, and Package Management > Model Manager > Refreshing OSLC Links in a model (Model Manager)
Refreshing OSLC Links in a model (Model Manager)
To refresh OSLC Links and OSLC Surrogates within a model:
1. Right-click on a package in the Model Browser, and then select Perform Task.
2. The Perform Task dialog box opens. From the drop-down list, select Refresh OSLC Links.
3. Select Now, and then click Start.
4. To schedule the task for a later date or time, select Later, and then under Start Date and Start Time, select a date and time, and then click Schedule.
5. The Refresh OSLC Links dialog box opens with a list of all the available servers, types of servers, username and password if required.
Confirm that you have credentials against each server that is listed.
6. Use the following options in the Refresh OSLC Links dialog box:
Edit— to change or add values to each field in the row.
Delete— to remove all the credentials for the row.
Check Suspecting— to update the values from the OSLC servers that are required for detecting suspect links.
7. Click Refresh. The OSLC Links are updated, and a summary is provided in the Message Log with counts of each result.
Missing credentials will also be listed in the log.