Model, Component, and Package Management > Component management > Component Sharing Wizard > Importing and exporting components > Importing a component from a cm tool project (Component Sharing Wizard)
Importing a component from a cm tool project (Component Sharing Wizard)
1. From Modeler, open the Model into which you want to import a component from a supported CM tool project.
2. On the Tools menu, point to Component Wizard, and then click Import From CM.
3. Follow the instructions of the Component Sharing Wizard pages to import the component to a supported CM tool project.
If you require help with a Component Sharing Wizard page, click the Help button.
On the Source Selection page (Step 2 of 7), click the selection button associated with the CM Tool box to specify the CM Tool and Project to use. On the CM Command Configuration dialog:
CM Tool — select the CM tool you are using.
Database — select the required CM tool database, or click the button to specify the path and name of a database.
Project — specify the project in the database. For example, $/MyProject for a Visual SourceSafe project.
CWF File — specify the name of the CWF file that you want to import.
On the Stub Analysis Report page (Step 6 of 7), you ideally want the text 'No External Dependencies' displayed, so that no Stubs are created in the CWF file. If any items are listed, the import will create Stubs in your model.
If there are protected Packages in the model for which you do not have access permissions to unprotect, you are prompted to abort or continue the import. Continuing the import can result in items being converted to stubs.
If you going to repeat the same import at a later date, you may want to save the options you have set to a configuration file that you can use with the command line interface – on the Share Component page (Step 7 of 7), click Save, and then click Configuration File. For more information, see Overview of the Component Sharing Wizard Command Line Interface.