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Data type converter
When you specify a data type for items of the following type, you can either select a data type from the Model, or you can type the name of a data type.
Type Definition
If you type the name of a data type, that is an uninterpreted data type.
The Data Type Converter searches the Model or items with uninterpreted data types, and then it creates either Basic Types, Classes, Data Types, Exceptions, Interfaces, Signals or Type Definitions for the items you select for converting.
To create data types for uninterpreted types:
1. On the Tools menu, click Data Type Converter.
The first page displays all the uninterpreted data types that have been entered.
2. Select the check boxes associated with the uninterpreted data types for which you want to create types.
3. Click Next>.
The second page lists the underlying item types you can create.
4. Select the item type you want to create for the selected uninterpreted data types.
5. Click Next>.
The third page lists the Model items that use the uninterpreted data types you selected.
6. Click Finish.
Modeler creates underlying types for the uninterpreted data types.