User Roles > Customizing a User Role
Customizing a User Role
1. From the Modeler server on which you want to customize a User Role, start Windows Explorer.
2. Locate the ModelerATFiles\UserRoles folder.
If you have installed Integriy Modeler to the default location, the path of the ModelerATFiles\UserRoles folder is as follows:
C:\ProgramData\PTC Integrity Modeler\ModelerATFiles\UserRoles
3. In the UserRoles folder, locate the User Role configuration file that you want to change.
4. Using an appropriate editor, such as an XML aware editor or Notepad, open the User Role configuration file.
5. Customize the content of the User Role configuration file to remove the unwanted features from the Modeler user interface.
If your User Role configuration file contains any errors, it will not be listed for selection in the User Roles dialog.
For information about the XML elements that can be used in a User Role configuration file, see XML elements used in user role configuration files.
6. Save the User Role configuration file.
For more information, see the chapter User roles —configuring Modeler for different users.