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Manage reviewer reports dialog (Reviewer)
The Manage Reviewer Reports dialog allows you to perform the following tasks:
Create or rename Reports.
Delete Reports.
Any changes you make to a Report will apply to all users of the model's Database server.
After creating a new Report you must close and restart Reviewer before adding Reviews to that Report.
To open the Manage Reviewer Reports dialog: on the Reviews menu, click Manage Reviewer Reports.
To create a Report: click the New button, and then from the dialog type the Name and Description of the new Report. For information about adding Reviews to the new Report, click here .
To change the name or description of a Report, select the Report that you want to change, and then click the Properties button.
To delete a Report: select the Report you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.
The Manage Reviewer Reports dialog has the following controls:
New button - opens the Properties dialog for you to type a Name and Description for a new Report.
Delete button - deletes the selected Report.
Properties button - opens the Properties dialog for the selected Report for you to change its Name or Description.
Review Reports list - lists the Reports that have been created for the active model's Database server.