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Configuring a review (Reviewer)
Important: Any changes you make to a Review will apply to all Reports that use that Review and all users of the model's Database server.
To configure a review:
1. On the Reviews menu, clickConfigure<selectedReviewer Report>.
2. On the Config dialog, click the tab that shows the Review you want to change.
3. Select the Review you want to change.
4. If you want the Ignore button to be available for failures of the Review, select the Allow Review Items to be Ignored check box.
5. If you want the Review to apply to additional item types that have been created through Stereotypes:
a. Click the Applies To button.
b. Click the button.
c. Type the name of the Stereotype, and then click the OK.
You can specify only Stereotypes that are based on item types that are reviewed by the Review.
6. If you want the change the Review Review's options:
a. Click the Config button.
Note that some Reviews do not have any configuration options.
b. In the dialog, set the options as required.
c. Click OK.
7. From the Config dialog, click OK.