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Backing up a database through ScfUtils
ScfUtils provides a command line interface for performing Model Explorer functions.
You can back up a database through ScfUtils.
If you have installed Modeler to the default locations, ScfUtils resides in the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PTC Integrity Modeler\Modeler\Exe\SCFUtils.exe
For information about backing up a database through Model Explorer, refer to Backing up a database (Model Explorer).
ScfUtils -backupdb Enterprise "<database-ref>" "<backup-location>" [-T]
<database-ref> specifies the reference to a database for backup.
Enter the database reference in the following format: \\SQL\<instance-name>\<database>
<backup-location> specifies a backup location.
[-T] specifies an optional parameter that truncates the database transaction log after the backup is finished.
ScfUtils -backupdb Enterprise "\\SQL\Server1@MODELER\ModelerDB" "C:\Temp" -T
Make sure the Windows account which runs the SQL Server service has access permissions to the backup destination folder.
For more information, refer to the Permissions section of the following SQL Server help topic:
BACKUP (Transact-SQL)