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Using the Help Center
Launching the Help From an Alternate Location
By default, Help opens on the PTC Support site, but you can configure Mathcad to launch Help from an alternate location.
1. Click > Options . The PTC Mathcad Options dialog box opens.
2. Click the Set the path for accessing Help at an alternate location check box, and then enter the path to the location of the Help.
Viewing Context-Sensitive Help
To open context Help, in Mathcad, place the pointer on an icon, option, or menu command and press F1. The relevant Help topic opens.
Searching for Information
The following search rules apply when searching the Help:
Search for any word—To find Help topics that contain one or more of several words, type the words in the Search box.
For example, search forrecursive functions programto find Help topics that contain one or more of the listed words, in any order.
Phrase search—To find Help topics that contain an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotations.
For example, search for “to delete” to find all Help topics containing the exact phrase.
Wildcard search—To find Help topics that contain the searched for substring.
For example, if you search forpress*, your search results will return strings that start withpress, such aspress and pressing. Searching forpresswithout the asterisk, returns the stringpressonly.
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