To Trace and Fix Errors
1. Click inside the region containing the error and read the error message.
2. On the Calculation tab, in the Error Tracing group, click one of the following options to start tracing the error:
First—Traces the error back to its source.
Previous—Navigates to the previous error in the current error chain.
Next—Navigates to the next error in the current error chain.
Last—Navigates to the last error in the current error chain.
3. Fix the first source of the error. PTC Mathcad recomputes the edited expression and then recomputes any expressions affected by the fixed expression.
4. Continue tracing and fixing errors until all red error flags are cleared.
Additional Information
If your worksheet contains several expressions with errors start with the expression flagged in red nearest the top of the worksheet.
If a built-in function is marked with an error, check the function definition to find the error source. Often, the cause of an error is not in the expression issuing the error, but in a previous expression.
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