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To Import Data from Excel
1. On the Input/Output tab, in the Data Import/Export group, click READEXCEL. The READEXCEL dialog box opens.
2. Click Browse, select the file you want to import, and click Open. The data is displayed in the Preview: area.
3. Use the zoom slider to control the magnification level.
4. Select the worksheet containing the data and then click and drag the pointer to select cells. The selected rows and columns are displayed in the Columns: and Rows: boxes.
5. Click Insert. The READEXCEL function is inserted in the worksheet.
You can edit the READEXCEL line in the worksheet and change the file path, worksheet, or cell range.
6. To view the imported data, evaluate READEXCEL. The data is displayed in a matrix.
Watch this video to learn more about importing date from Excel:
Additional Information
You can assign READEXCEL to a variable, such as A:=READEXCEL(….), and use A later in the worksheet.
You can copy cells directly from Excel and paste them into a PTC Mathcad worksheet. The pasted data is displayed in a table. Text is pasted as strings.
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