To Enter Math Expressions
You can enter math expressions anywhere you want in the worksheet.
1. Click to place the crosshair, and then type the expressions directly using natural math notation.
2. To enter math expressions inside a text region, click inside the text region and then on the Math tab, in the Regions group, click Math. An empty placeholder in a math region appears.
Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+M.
3. Type numbers, letters, and math operators to create a math region. For example, type 3/4+5^2= to get the following result:
You can insert operators, symbols, and constants from the Math tab. Select the desired element from the Operators and Symbols group.
Alternatively, you can copy part or all of a math region and paste it into a text region.
4. To enter a complex (imaginary) number, follow it with i or j. For example, type 3i or 2.5j.
You cannot use i or j alone to represent the imaginary unit. You must always type 1i or 1j. Otherwise, PTC Mathcad treats these elements as variables named either i or j.
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