Working with PTC Mathcad Prime > Templates > To Create a Template
To Create a Template
1. Click the PTC Mathcad Button . A list of file related commands opens.
2. To create a blank template, click New > New Worksheet. A blank worksheet opens.
3. To create a template based on an existing one, click one of these other options:
New > From My Templates
New > From Shared Templates
New > From Default Templates
New > Recently Used Templates
Select a template from the open folder and click Open. The template opens.
4. Edit the template as needed.
The Open Worksheets Bar displays the temporary name of the worksheet as Untitled-N, as shown below:
5. Click Save As > Template. The Save As window opens the default My Templates folder.
6. Specify a file name, and then click Save to save the template.
The Default Templates folder contains PTC Mathcad default templates. Do not use it to store your private or shared templates.
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