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To Copy Math Examples from the Help
1. Download the file. The ZIP file contains the input data files for all example topics.
2. Extract the contents of the file to a folder on your computer.
3. Open a Help example topic.
4. To copy all the math expressions from the example, click the Copy Expressions button to the right of the title. All the math expressions are copied to the clip board.
5. To copy a particular math expression, move the pointer over the expression until a blue border appears around the expression. Click the expression. The border becomes red and the expression is copied to the clipboard.
6. In an open worksheet, click the location where you want to paste the copied data and press Ctrl+V. The content of the clip board is pasted into the worksheet. If an expression is dependent on an input data file, a red circle appears around the expression.
a. If after pasting the copied example into a worksheet you notice that some math regions show different results than what you see in the online Help example, copy the topic’s URL and paste it into a different internet browser and repeat the copy/paste process.
b. If you still see a mismatch between what you copied and what you pasted, please send the details to PTC using this email
Additional Information
If you copy an individual expression you may need to copy preceding expressions to see the correct result.
If you copy an example that contains a read function, PTC Mathcad reads the file from the current working directory. To view the current working directory, type CWD=
Save the worksheet to the folder that contains the input data files. The data files are read and any errors are cleared.
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