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Location Estimators
median(A, B, C, ...)—Returns the median of the elements in A, B, C, ... , the value above and below which there are an equal number of values when the elements A, B, C, ... are sorted in ascending order. If the number of values is even, the median is the arithmetic mean of the two central values.
mode(A, B, C, ...)—Returns the value in A, B, C, ... , that occurs most often in the data set.
percentile(v, p)—Returns the value below which there is p percent of the data recorded in v.
A, B, C, ... are scalars or arrays of arbitrary size. The median function accepts only real values.
v is a vector of real or complex numbers. The imaginary parts of the elements of v are ignored.
p is a real number, 0 ≤ p ≤ 1.
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