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Limit Operator
Keyboard Shortcut
Evaluates the limit of a symbolic expression.
The limit operator contains four placeholders:
1. Left-side of arrow—Limiting variable
2. Right-side of arrow—Limiting value
3. Limit Side
Right-hand (+)
Left-hand (-)
Two-sided (empty)
4. Expression—Expression for which you want to compute the limit.
When using the limit operator and specifying the limit value:
PTC Mathcad treats unsigned infinity the same way it treats positive infinity for functions of real variables.
The limit value placeholder allows the insertion of ∞ and -∞, but not +∞. This reinforces the statement that PTC Mathcad treats +∞ and ∞ as equals.
Click to copy this expression
Click to copy this expression
Additional Information
You cannot evaluate limits using the numerical equal sign =.
If the limit does not exist, PTC Mathcad returns an error message.
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