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Lambert Functions
LambertW(x)—Returns the principal value of the LambertW function, W0.
The LambertW function satisfies the relationship:
LambertW(n, x)—Returns the nth branch of LambertW as a function in the complex plane.
LambertW(x) relates to LambertW(n, x) as follows:
x is a real or a complex scalar or a vector.
n is an integer or a vector of integers of the same size as x. If x is a scalar, n may be a vector of any size. If omitted, n defaults to 0.
Additional Information
The principal branch W0(x) is real-valued in the range -1/e ≤ x.
The -1 branch W-1(x) is also real-valued in the range -1/e ≤ x < 0.
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