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Is Element Of Operator
Returns 1 if x is an element of the number set y, returns 0 otherwise. x must be unitless.
The Is Element Of comparison operator contains two placeholders:
1. Left-side placeholder—Value.
2. Right-side placeholder—Number Set.
To insert a number set symbol:
1. Click the right-side placeholder
2. On the Math tab, in the Operators and Symbols group, click Symbols. The Symbols list opens.
3. Click C, Q, R, or Z from the Math Symbols list.
Additional Information
The valid number sets are:
C—Represents the set of complex numbers.
Q—Represents the set of rational numbers.
R—Represents the set of real numbers.
Z—Represents the set of integers.
If you specify number sets C, R, or Z, then you can evaluate the Is Element Of operator both numerically or symbolically, but if you specify number set Q then you can only evaluate it symbolically.
If you specify number set Q then exact floating point representations of integers are treated as rational numbers. For example, 10.0 is treated as 10.
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