Formatting Math Regions
The formatting of a math region is composed of several parts:
You can format the math font of the whole region.
You can apply a new label on a specific math element within the region.
You can format a label style, changing the selected math element’s label and all other math elements that carry this label in the worksheet.
Math Formatting
You can change the math font as follows:
Click a math region to format the font of that region.
Select several math regions to format the font of these regions.
Click the worksheet to format all the math regions that have not yet been formatted, including those that you are about to enter.
Applying Label
PTC Mathcad Prime automatically assigns a label, but you can also overwrite it by applying another label.
Label Formatting
Math regions contain numbers, operators, and math elements. Math elements carry various labels, which helps grouping math elements together thanks to their style. Each label has one style per worksheet, and you can format this style no matter where you are in your worksheet.
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